World Pangolin Day!!!

World Pangolin Day is the third Saturday of February which the date for next year would be on the 15th. So please, when it come to this date lets all raise awareness (spread the word) about pangolins, it will make a big difference. For more information please see the other posts.

How Does Hunting Pangolins Affect The Ecosystem

Extinction of pangolins can cause a rapid increase in the population of ants and termites since a pangolin consumes more than 70 million ants and termites per year.Plus, it will affect the ecosystem and numerous organisms, including humans and animals. Cites: Meet The pangolins. #World Pangolin Day.

Why Are Pangolin’s Being Hunted?

Pangolins are being hunted because when the scales are believed to cure rheumatism, wound infections, skin disorders, coronary heart disease, arthritis, and even cancer. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove the above. People also hunt pangolins because people think that pangolin flesh is a delicacy. When hunted the hunter can receive a lot…